Machine Wrap

Machine Wrap

Machine Wrap

Type:Machine Wrap

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Machine Wrap
2 grades of products available, Benepak Standard & Benepak Powered
Benepak Standard
Cast multi-layer film
Competitive price with good properties
Suitable for 90% of all Applications.
Pre-stretch levels up to 220%
Easy to use on most machines.
Good stretch, puncture&tear resistance and cling
Exceptional load-holding force
Clear optics and quiet unwind,
Benepak Powered
Cast multi-layer film
High performance film.
Pre-stretch levels up to 280%
Suitable for higher stretch applications
Can be usded on all machines
Excellent stretch, puncture&tear resistance and cling
Minimum film usage and maximum load-holding force 

yle="width:481px;" width="481">
yle="width:481px;height:14px;"> TYPICAL  RANGE  OF  BENEPAK  MACHINE  STRETCH  WRAP
yle="width:96px;height:17px;"> WIDTH ( mm ) yle="width:85px;height:17px;"> LENGTH ( m ) yle="width:80px;height:17px;"> THICKNESS(u) yle="width:64px;height:17px;"> CORE ID yle="width:156px;height:17px;"> PACKAGING
yle="width:96px;height:17px;"> 250300,400 450 yle="width:16px;height:17px;">   yle="width:16px;height:17px;">   yle="width:37px;height:17px;">   yle="width:16px;height:17px;">   yle="width:19px;height:17px;">   yle="width:31px;height:17px;">   yle="width:31px;height:17px;">   yle="width:16px;height:17px;">   yle="width:16px;height:17px;">   yle="width:32px;height:17px;">   yle="width:156px;height:17px;"> LOOSE  PACK  IN  PALLET
yle="width:96px;height:17px;"> 500750 & 1000 yle="width:69px;height:17px;"> 750 -3000 yle="width:16px;height:17px;">   yle="width:80px;height:17px;"> 14-40 yle="width:64px;height:17px;"> 3 " yle="width:85px;height:17px;"> 1 ROLL/CASE yle="width:71px;height:17px;">  

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