Net Replacement Film

Net Replacement Film

Net Replacement Film

Type:Net Replacement Film

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Net Replacement Film


The netwrap alternative
Benetite is an innovative film that replaces netwrap in round silage bales.  Specifically created for the next generation of baling machines that can apply film instead of net, Benetite has been designed to enhance the ensiling process and protect the bale contents.
Being a film, Benetite provides an additional air barrier whilst helping to retain a better bale shape by exerting a tighter grip around the bale circumference.  Plus, it reduces wastage of valuable silage wrap, as, unlike netwrap, no baled fodder can become enmeshed in it.
Its production from the same base material as balewrap means users don’t have to separate the Benetite from balewrap after use.  Instead, both Benetite and the accompanying balewrap can be recycled together thereby saving valuable time and labour costs.
Superior oxygen barrier
Benetite  adds extra film to the barrel of the bale. The Oxygen barrier is improved. Silage stores better. This leads to better quality silage, improved animal production and increased farm profits.
Exceptional puncture resistance
As a pre-orientated film manufactured using blown film co-extrusion lines, Benetite offers exceptional puncture resistance even with tough, stemmy forage crops.
Additional bale edge protection
Benetite’s ability to cover the bale from edge to edge offers additional protection around the edge of the bale - especially useful when baling stalky crops.
Optimal cling capacity
Benetite exerts a tight grip around the bale circumference to compress content and expel oxygen faster.
More compact, denser bales
Due to the high tightening force, Benetite creates tighter, more compact bales that benefit from a more rounded shape.
Smooth film surface
Benetite is easier to remove as no fodder can become enmeshed as with netwrap.  Bales can be unwrapped quickly and easily.
Easier to recycle
Benetite is 100% recyclable and its production from the same base material as balewrap mean that there is no need to separate and segregate these films for recycling as they can be recycled together.

Technical specification
yle="width:699px;" width="699">
yle="width:113px;"> Application yle="width:57px;"> Width (mm) yle="width:89px;"> Thickness (μm) yle="width:64px;"> Length (m) yle="width:102px;"> Reels Per Pallet (#) yle="width:142px;"> Pallet Dimensions (cm) yle="width:132px;"> Pallet Height (m)
yle="width:699px;"> Not UV Stabilized
yle="width:113px;"> Maize/ Sugar Beet yle="width:57px;"> 1280 yle="width:89px;"> 13 yle="width:64px;"> 2400 yle="width:102px;"> 20 yle="width:142px;"> 110 x 130 yle="width:132px;"> ± 1.10
yle="width:113px;"> Grass yle="width:57px;"> 1280 yle="width:89px;"> 16 yle="width:64px;"> 2000 yle="width:102px;"> 20 yle="width:142px;"> 110 x 130 yle="width:132px;"> ± 1.10
Benetite is manufactured in ISO9001&ISO14001 accredited manufacturing facilities.
Each reel is individually labelled to ensure 100% traceability in the unlikely event of a problem.
Benetite is recommended for use on grass silage maize and sugar beet. The ‘Not UV Stabilized’ versions noted in the above table are not recommended for straw or hay given the limited UV stability.
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